Friday, July 30, 2010

:: SuperLuxe's are Here ::

A while back we started working on a new strap system - which we've also just released - in conjunction with a few improvements to our Deluxe model. A longstanding favorite amongst working messengers due to its sheer size and durability, the Deluxe has remained unchanged for longer than any other bag in our lineup. Although the SuperLuxe can technically be thought of as the "Deluxe 2.0", we opted for a new name and a fresh start. For summer 2010, we've made the switch to our new 215 (two-one-five) strap, which is essentially a hybrid of our old school metal buckle and our new split strap system. This strap is center-adjusting, but swaps the plastic quick release buckle for our metal webbing buckle, allowing the classic feel of our old strap system in an updated form.

Along with the 215 strap, we've added triple-layer construction to the SuperLuxe. The waterproof, 18-oz. vinyl coated nylon layer is now sandwiched between a layer of pack cloth and a layer of cordura, with no thru-stitches. While this technically helps to weatherproof the bag, this has never been an issue anyway, so the main purpose is to help protect the vinly layer from abrasion and prolong the lifetime given the huge amount of opening/closing cycles a messenger's bag goes through. Finally, we added a stock blinky light loop, just because. The bag maintains the standard double outside pockets and base compression straps from the original Deluxe.

The SuperLuxe takes its place as our flagship single-strap as the Deluxe retires (you can still configure a "Deluxe" bag using the Courier model of the bag build page on our site). We look forward to seeing this new model on messengers worldwide!