Saturday, August 06, 2011

:: More MOLLE ::

Still working on the new MOLLE collection; here's a few more pics! This is a small Flight Pack with all three pouch sizes on it. The "small" pouch fits Iphones perfectly

The U-lock holder is made with a mesh front wall for drainage, and fits Kryptonite mini's

The bottle holder features an elastic lip and two cross-straps for security, and fits cycling water bottles, soda cans/bottles, and most other bottles all the way up to one liter!

More coming soon!


awallis said...

you may already be thinking about but these should definitely come in a few camo patterns and maybe an optional camelbak bladder and tube routing! just a thought...

ro said...

we'd love to offer camo, but historically camo has done VERY poorly as far as our bag sales. we've previously carried classic woodland, as well as MARPAT, and both had to be dropped due to lack of interest.

We have been thinking about hydration bladders though....definitely a possibility in the future, after the initial pouches are released