Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 Holiday Schedule: Get Your Order in on Time!

We're committed to making sure that all holiday gifts arrive in time! We've got this handy list of deadlines for both in-stock and custom ordered bags and accessories. If there is ANY question, we strongly urge you to contact us directly by phone or email. 

For in-stock bags (any bags that are in the "SHOP" or "SALE" sections). Your order must be placed and paid in full by:

Friday, December 13th: International customers
Monday, December 16th: CA, NV, UT, NM, TX, ND, MT, ID, WA, OR
Tuesday, December 17th: SD, WY, CO, OK, AR, MS, LA, AZ, HI, AK
Wednesday, December 18th: WI, MN, IA, MO, AL, GA, FL, KS, IL
Thursday, December 19th: ME, UT, NH, MA, RI, VA, NC, SC, TN, KY, OH, WV, IN, MI, Western PA
Friday, December 20th: NY, NJ, DE, DC, CT, MD, Eastern PA

For in-stock accessories (any accessories that are in the "SHOP" or "SALE" sections). Your order must be placed and paid in full by: 

Friday, December 13th: International customers
Thursday, December 19th: all domestic locations

For custom bag orders not featuring graphics ("BUILD YOUR OWN" section). Your order must be placed and paid in full by**:

Tuesday, November 26th: International Customers
Tuesday, December 3rd: CA, NV, UT, NM, TX, ND, MT, ID, WA, OR
Wednesday, December 4th: SD, WY, CO, OK, AR, MS, LA, AZ, HI, AK
Thursday, December 5th: WI, MN, IA, MO, AL, GA, FL, KS, IL
Friday, December 6th: ME, UT, NH, MA, RI, VA, NC, SC, TN, KY, OH, WV, IN, MI,
Sunday, December 8th: NY, NJ, DE, DC, CT, MD, PA

** We may be able to make custom orders after these dates, but rush charges will apply, and there will be a limited number of spots. Basically, anything beyond these dates requires overtime work.

For custom bag orders featuring graphics (email us directly):

Your orders really need to be placed asap. If you are even thinking about a custom graphic bag, we strongly suggest you contact us now, if even just to give us an idea of what type of bag you are ordering. You don't have to complete the order and pay right away, but we will need finalize all of the details and receive payment no later than Wednesday, November 27th to guarantee holiday delivery and avoid rush fees. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

R.E.Load x PBMA Goldsprints at the 2013 Philly Bike Expo

The 2013 Philly Bike Expo is now over, and overall the event was a great success, bringing in vendors and cyclists from far a near to check out new bikes and gear, and take part in various seminars and side events. We were proud to present Goldsprints in the demo area, with the help of the Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association! All proceeds from the main event went to the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund, and we had racers of all ages participating in heads-up racing all weekend.

The main event featured eight finalists from the day-long qualifying races, with only the best times moving on to the head-to-head brackets. Spinning through 500m in less than 24s is no easy task, and in the end, the winner had to go through two other finalists, PLUS take down a best-of-three championship sprint of 1000m. Safe to say our champion, Chad Cherefko, earned his win!

Aside from the custom R.E.Load Civilian, Chad won an Abus lock, Fiks:Reflective Hexalate stickers, and rare purple Fizik saddle! A nice little payday for his victory. Big thanks to everybody who helped out all weekend: 

- Chris and Molly Raimont, who ran the equipment and helped us load and unload everything
- Steven "Loud Steve" Squires for helping racers get situated and being a marshall in general
- Mike Dailey for the Abus hookup
- Doug Suriano, who put together the original Goldsprints setup and programming back in the day and continues to be available for support questions even now, no longer in philly

Also a big thanks to Bina and the Bilenky crew for allowing us to throw the event this year! Thanks to Abus, Fizik, and Fiks:Reflective for sponsorship. And congratulations to all of the riders who helped make this a fun-filled weekend!

Main Event Champion Chad Cherefko

Chad vs Camille Durocher, Finals first heat

Dancho vs Butters, Finals second heat

Chad vs Dancho, Finals!

Dancho takes 2nd place

Roland vs Jorge (sterling Couriers) on the Matt 67 special. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

SEAM RIPPERS 2013 coming May 11th!

We're happy to announce that we've set a date for the latest installment of our long-running "Seam Rippers" collaborative bag show! On Saturday, May 11th, we will be hosting the opening reception at the R.E.Load headquarters in Philadelphia. The show will consist of bags and accessories that have been customized by some of our favorite artists near and far! All items will be available for sale on the night of the reception, and will also be placed in a special section on our website the following week. This opening coincides with our 15th Anniversary celebration, so we'll also be having a photo session going on for anybody who'd like to be shot with their current R.E.Load bags. 

Artists include: Roland Burns, Carrie Collins, Jamie Dillon, Gerik Forston, Emily Glaubinger, Dustin Klein, Taliah Lempert, Isaac Lin, Ellie Lum, the Minato Family, Annette Monnier, Dan Murphy, Jesse Olanday, Miriam Singer, Ralph Stollenwerk, Damian Weinkrantz, Pete Whitney, and Ben Woodward.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

RELOAD/REUSE: Plockets now available!

We are committed to throwing less and less away, and in light of this, we are continually developing innovative ways to use our big pile of cordura and liner scraps. As we enter a new year, we renew this committment to be more sustainable by keeping things out of the landfill, leading us into a plethora of new projects in 2013. In particular, I have been mulling over what to do with the pile of liner & Cordura scraps under my cutting table that resembles a futuristic rats nest made by a very industrious rat obssessed with abrasive-resistant waterproof fabric. I have resolved that this unruly mess has to be dealt with-and not by just casting it away to the landfill for the most industrious rats to use for the next thousand years.
Hence, a new product born out of discarded scraps, Plockets, living wall planters! Plockets are great to plant herbs, succulents, or any indoor plant. People have also been known to use them as hanging wall organizers for keys and mail. The possibilities are endless! Plockets take influence from the current living wall planters on the market and put a RELOAD/REUSE spin on them. Stay tuned for more projects that carry our committment to conscious consumption forward. We will be continually offering recycled and upcycled products that use our production scraps and cast-offs. These products will be tagged with our RELOAD/REUSE label. Up-cycling lends itself so well to creativity!
Each Plocket is unique in patterns, color, and style. Plockets are available in 2 sizes, Small and Large. *See product description for specifics Plockets are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use. * See description of each product for specified indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor Plockets have drainage holes, indoor ones do not. For custom Plocket orders please email
Plockets featured on social media!
Magical Realism
Proper Hustle
Cordura FB

Monday, November 26, 2012

:: Holiday Schedule 2012 ::

Please check out these dates to make sure that any items you are ordering as a gift arrive by Monday, December 24th! These dates are for standard UPS ground shipping (bags) and USPS Priority Mail shipping (accessories). We can offer quicker turnaround/shipping if you need it, but you MUST contact us directly BEFORE ordering the item!

So, with that out of the way, here we go....again, please be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

For in-stock bags (any of the Single or Double strap bags in the SHOP section):

For shipments to Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota: Your order must be placed by 1pm EST on Monday, December 17th.

For shipments to South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska: Your order must be placed by 1pm EST on Tuesday, December 18th.

For shipments to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida: Your order must be placed by 1pm EST on Wednesday, December 19th.

For shipments to Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, NewYork (outside of NYC), Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan: Your order must be placed by 1pm EST on Thursday, December 20th.

For shipments to New York City (ONLY NYC!), Pennsylvania. New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland: Your order must be placed by 5pm EST on Thursday, December 21st.

For in-stock accessories (any of the accessories in the SHOP section):

For all domestic shipments, your order must be placed by 1pm EST on Wednesday, December 19th.

For custom-built accessories (any of the accessories in the BUILD YOUR OWN section):

For all domestic shipments, your order must be placed by 7pm EST on Monday, December 17th.

For any custom-built bags (any of the single or double strap bags in the BUILD YOUR OWN section):

We are guaranteeing delivery by Monday, December 24th on all custom bag orders (without graphics) that are placed by 7pm on Friday, November 30th. After this date, we cannot guarantee delivery on time for the holidays unless you contact us first. PLEASE do not order online before contacting us, then email us saying you need it done faster. We will do our best to accommodate late orders, but we do have limited time, and we may have to charge extra for quicker turnaround and/or expedited shipping.

For any custom-built bags that include graphics:

You need to contact us directly, as soon as possible, if you are going to have even a chance at getting the bag on time!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

:: The Brand New R.E.Load Saddle Roll ::

This summer it seems like we've been getting almost daily requests to make some sort of saddle we've done it! Our new Saddle Roll is a simpler take on our long-running Pro Tool Roll, with three large slots for wrenches, multi-tools, tire levers, patch kits, tubes, or whatever you may need for simple fixes. Roll it up, and full-length Velcro® will keep everything securely closed while you thread the nylon webbing straps through your seat rails and back around the entire roll. Click in the National Molding® quick release buckle, and you're good to go!

The Saddle Roll is available now in the updated Tool Rolls & Pouches section of our website, along with the original Pro Tool Roll and brand new Tube Pouches and Simple Pouches.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Saturday, July 21st, we are happy to be hosting the opening reception for Mark price's installation in the DETOUR window! Come through, 7-9pm, and check out the work and talk with Mark! The R.E.Load backyard will be open, featuring the usual treats!

Press Release: 
Our Age / Ruined Monolith
Mark Price
Detour at Reload
608 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Price’s work speaks to a deep-seated human fear of groundlessness and change. We seek stability and a world we recognize as sane and reliable, and Price’s work won’t give it to us. Instead he offers incomplete warnings of a shattered future in gestures that pierce the picture plane, flattening it into jagged shards that we strain to recognize. A silhouetted character appears from time to time in the work, functioning as a reminder of the fragmentary and incomplete nature of consciousness. In Price’s installation, our own experience can no longer be trusted. The high-resolution screen through which we view things has shattered into stuttering and razor-sharp hi-contrast graphic regions. Fragmentary bits of a larger situation, his collages emerge into a three-dimensional plane that feels tentative, vulnerable, and hyper-real. 

“Price’s visual world consists of both appropriated scenes and personal machinations of pure imagination. In it are fragments of collected, distorted, and replicated artifacts—an arrangement of shadows in a parking garage, the sinister implications of a computer error message, and the menacing pattern of caution paint at a Hong Kong toll plaza…The result of this combination is a hypnotic tour of where our psychological and information architecture collide.” - Maxwell Neely-Cohen

Mark Price (b. 1981, Detroit) lives and works in Philadelphia. His work has been featured in group exhibitions at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. In 2009 his work was selected by curator Aaron Betsky for inclusion in the internationally recognized Confines exhibition at the Institut Valencia d’Art Modern. His work is represented in New York by Kesting / Ray.