Thursday, August 26, 2010

:: Flight Pack Finalized ::

We've been tinkering a bit with the pattern and aesthetics for soon-to-be-released Flight Pack (the large size, at least) over the past week or so. Mostly, we wanted to provide for a bit of depth (when necessary) in the outside pocket, while keeping the lines clean. In the end, we're going to go with dual folds on the outside pocket (similar to the construction of a surgeons' mask), which allows for the pocket to bulge out a few inches near the bottom. The folds are centered between the lines created by the trim of the outside pockets. We decided to go with topstitching - rather than using trim - on the pocket flap and folds, which was purely an aesthetic choice. Just felt like several trimmed edges started to look a little busy.

Other than that, no real changes were necessary, so we're happy to say that the new Flight Pack is ready to go! It should be up on the website next week, and will be retailing for $200 (for the large). Dimensions for the large Flight Pack are 19" H x 14.5" W x 8"D when rolled up. We will definitely be releasing a smaller version as well, which will probably be about 16" H x 11.5" W x 6" D. Might take a week or two after the initial release to get the smaller version going.

We're really psyched about this bag and get wait to get some of them out there!

Friday, August 13, 2010

:: Flight Pack Coming Soon ::

Several months ago a couple of us were in the studio and the subject of a "soft" Midpack came up. Most of us here have left the days of messengering behind us, and so we tend to use double-straps on a daily basis. The Midpack is awesome, but sometimes you just want something really simple, and moreover you want something that's lightweight for the times where you really don't have much in it. This is the same line of thinking that originally lead us to create the Sprint/Dash and Softpack models, which are basically a trivial amount of weight when they're empty.

While we were discussing this, we also began to look for a new liner material that would allow us to create a truly weatherproof bag that was still soft, pliable, and light. A few fabric samples and several incarnations later, finally we were left with the next model to be introduced into the R.E.Load family: the Flight Pack. The lining is basically a vinyl-coated poly fabric; the side that is exposed within the bag has the feel of a piece of clothing while still being quite resistant to abrasion. For the outside pockets, we decided to stick with our default truck tarp liner material, which helps pockets retain their shape. The side pockets borrow the mesh bottoms from our Midpack/Minipack models, and fit water bottles, u-locks, etc. perfectly while allowing proper drainage.

Inside the bag, we've got our standard organizer pocket set up. The rear wall is padded with closed-cell foam, and once again the Flight Pack borrows from the MIdpack for its padded shoulder straps, adjustable sternum strap, and handle.

I've been using different forms of this bag for a few months now, and honestly it's just a really, really comfortable and dynamic pack. Pliability is not a term that quickly pops into most peoples' minds when they think about our bags, but this new liner material really makes the bag feel super broken-in from the get go. The bag is light and easy.

We expect to release the Flight Pack in two sizes. The Large version measures roughly the same dimensions as the Midpack and should be coming out in early September. The Small version will be closer to the Minipack and will probably be released in late September. Additionally, we will be carrying over this new liner material to the Dash and Sprint models, making them truly weatherproof as well.