Saturday, August 05, 2006

things that I'm currently excited about

It's Saturday morning, and i just got an email from Seiya at Depot. You gotta check out this footage of his daughter in the trackstand comp during Tokyo's Mixpression Alleycat: Yume

Falling squarely in the "Good god, I can't believe technology these days!!" category is Salling's amazing "Clicker 3.0.1" program for bluetooth cellphones. It's so ridiculous that I had to go off topic on the blog to talk about it...basically, it allows you to control all functions in iTunes, DVD Player, and a slew of other programs on your computer, through your cell phone. The interface is amazing; for instance in iTunes you can go through all your playlists, search via different criteria...visually it's pretty much the same as an ipod gui. The best part is that you don't have to be in the line of sight of any reciever; you can go up to about 50 feet away (i walked around in the store basement using it for the stereo upstairs, so this is a conservative estimate). One catch: it currently doesn't work with motorola phones on Cingular or T-Mobile. Download it for free, go through the trial period to make sure it works for your phone, and if you like it register for $23.95. Check it out here.