Tuesday, December 21, 2010

:: Studio Closed During Holidays ::

The crew over here in the Philadelphia studio will be taking a much needed break for the holidays! We'll be closing at 2pm Thursday, December 23rd for our annual holiday party, and we'll be gone from then until Monday, January 3rd. Ro will be running in and out of the studio from time to time during the hiatus, so there will be no problems shipping in-stock orders during this time. Also, if you have an questions/issues, hit up ro@reloadbags.com for the quickest response.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and dealers for making this a successful holiday 2010! See you in 2011!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

:: Limited Edition Holiday Packs ::

Over the holidays we always talk to a lot of customers who want to get something from R.E.Load as a gift for somebody, but they're not quite sure how to go about it. Custom bags are awesome, of course, but sometimes it's hard to really know exactly what people want. And honestly, while we'd love for everybody out there to be going around giving their loved ones custom R.E.Load bags, they do make for a pretty extravagant gift in most cases.

With all this in mind, we decided that this season we would make some assortments of smaller items available. So we're happy to introduce three different gift packs, in three different limited color ways, ranging from $30 to $85. We've got new wallets, beer coozie's, tees, belts, and hip packs. Best of all, we're making up a short run of musette bags to go along with all the packs! They're a great way to present these goodies to their lucky recipients, and are currently available only through the purchase of a gift pack.

* We are taking orders for these gift packs starting immediately. Please be aware that we plan to make these up in batches following the initial orders, so they will be shipping December 17th.

Happy Holidays!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

:: Zlog x R.E.Load Lockdown Straps ::

Zlog has been supporting the fixed gear trick scene for quite a while with info about new bikes and products, a cool clothing line, and now a full team of talented riders. Zach at Zlog has been rocking our Lockdown straps ever since their initial release. We spoke briefly a while ago about doing some sort of collaboration, and it was pretty much a no-brainer do do a run of branded Lockdown straps for Zlog. Featuring our new dark gray waxed canvas and an embroidered Zlog patch, these are available exclusively in the Zlog Boutique and will be shipping in time for the holidays! Pre-order now!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

:: Black Friday Sale ::

We're having a sale for Black Friday! Most of our bag stock will be 20% off, Lockdown straps and Pro Tool Rolls will be discounted, and our new tees will be on sale as well. It'll be the perfect time to snatch an early present, or of course just get something for yourself!

Please keep in mind that our studio will be closed until next Tuesday, so this sale will be online only. We will not be in the studio to take calls or answer emails. All items will ship early next week. Local pickups are still ok, but the order must be placed through our website. No rain checks!

Monday, November 22, 2010

:: Holiday Schedule ::

Going into the normally hectic holiday season, we're doing our best to keep our schedule open to December orders. However, at some point there just isn't enough time to get everything done and shipped in time, especially for orders on the west coast. So we're going with the following deadlines for custom orders to be delivered by December 24th. This is for bags/accessories that need to be made from scratch, NOT for in-stock items! In-stock items can be ordered on a later schedule, which is outlined below as well.


Tuesday, December 7th:
Last day for ordering custom Minipacks, Midpacks, or Megapacks. LAST DAY FOR ORDERING ANY BAG WITH GRAPHICS. After this date these orders will carry a a rush fee of $20 plus 20% of any applicable graphics charges. AFTER THIS DATE YOU MUST CALL US DIRECTLY AT 215-625-2987 TO PLACE THE ORDER. We will try and accept these type of orders for as long as possible, but we cannot guarantee how long this will be, as it depends on demand.

Tuesday,December 14th:
Last day for ordering custom Flight Packs, Dashes, Sprints, Messenger Mini's, Small Civilians, Civilians, and Superluxes. After this date these orders will carry a a rush fee of $15, and YOU MUST CALL US DIRECTLY AT 215-625-2987 TO PLACE THE ORDER. We will try and accept these type of orders for as long as possible, but we cannot guarantee how long this will be, as it depends on demand.

Friday, December 17th:
Last day for ordering custom Lockdown straps and Hip Packs. After this date these orders will carry a a rush fee of $10, and YOU MUST CALL US DIRECTLY AT 215-625-2987 TO PLACE THE ORDER. We will try and accept these type of orders for as long as possible, but we cannot guarantee how long this will be, as it depends on demand.

IN-STOCK ORDERS* (aka "this bag/accessory already exists in our store"):


Thursday, December 16th:
Last day for orders shipping UPS ground to Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii. Orders must be in by 2pm EST!!!

Monday, December 20th:
Last day for orders shipping UPS ground to Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska.Orders must be in by 2pm EST!!!

Tuesday, December 21st:
Last day for orders shipping UPS ground to Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Orders must be in by 2pm EST!!!

Wednesday, December 22nd:
Last day for orders shipping UPS ground to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South and North Carolina. Orders must be in by 2pm EST!!!

Thursday, December 23rd:
Last day for orders shipping UPS ground to Philadelphia and its immediately surrounding burbs, New York City, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Orders must be in by 2pm EST!!!

Friday, December 24th:
Last day for in-store pickups.


Friday, November 19, 2010

:: House Party Cat 3D ::

This weekend it's time for House Party Cat 3D!!!! If you're not already in Philly for tonight's goldsprints, you'll want to be here tomorrow for the race for sure. All of the stops are parties; what more can you ask for? After two successful years, the third year's gonna be ridiculous and we can wait to see the carnage.

We're also sponsoring the race for the third straight year. Aside from custom Lockdown straps for the Keg King and Keg Queen, Brie stitched up this Civilian, which includes our new 215 strap. Based on the artwork from the race promotion, she took things a step further in the blue/red 3D theme and customized the stitching on the bag to represent in 3D! If you win this bag, you've earned it. Maybe not by actually riding fast, but by being awesome.

We'll see you all out there this weekend, and a big shout out to Jeff O'Neill for throwing this thing together again.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

:: New Tees in Stock ::

Nothin' major; we re-upped our logo tee inventory and finally got the "Cats Wearing T-Shirts" T-Shirts printed up. We had em out at the Philly Bike Expo, now they're up on our site as promised! Available in unisex sizes small-XL. Printed right here in Philly by Outlaw Print Co.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

:: Throwback Logo Charcoal Waxed Canvas Flight Packs ::

In celebration of the first (hopefully annual) Philly Bike Expo, we decided to make an offshoot limited run of our new Flight Packs. We just got in some amazing charcoal waxed canvas, and we've got 15 replicas of our original embroidered logo patch. So we're set to do a run of up to 15 Flight Packs (in either size), starting with this one right here, which will be on display all weekend at the Expo.

We're also debuting our new billfold wallets. They're perfect for people who simply need to keep their bills crisp and hold a couple of cards. For those of you looking for Costanza wallets, these are not for you. Available in brown waxed canvas or black cordura.

Finally, we're introducing the next generation of our Sprint, Dash, and Softpack models. We've upgraded the to the same wonderful, waterproof fabric lining from our Flight Packs, and our lightest bags are now as weatherproof as the rest of our lineup! We've also switched to the 215 strap for Sprints and Dash's. The Softpack sheds its outer pockets and now stands as our lightest, simplest double strap to date.

If you miss the Bike Expo, check for these updates to be on our website right after the weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

:: Flight Pack Finalized ::

We've been tinkering a bit with the pattern and aesthetics for soon-to-be-released Flight Pack (the large size, at least) over the past week or so. Mostly, we wanted to provide for a bit of depth (when necessary) in the outside pocket, while keeping the lines clean. In the end, we're going to go with dual folds on the outside pocket (similar to the construction of a surgeons' mask), which allows for the pocket to bulge out a few inches near the bottom. The folds are centered between the lines created by the trim of the outside pockets. We decided to go with topstitching - rather than using trim - on the pocket flap and folds, which was purely an aesthetic choice. Just felt like several trimmed edges started to look a little busy.

Other than that, no real changes were necessary, so we're happy to say that the new Flight Pack is ready to go! It should be up on the website next week, and will be retailing for $200 (for the large). Dimensions for the large Flight Pack are 19" H x 14.5" W x 8"D when rolled up. We will definitely be releasing a smaller version as well, which will probably be about 16" H x 11.5" W x 6" D. Might take a week or two after the initial release to get the smaller version going.

We're really psyched about this bag and get wait to get some of them out there!

Friday, August 13, 2010

:: Flight Pack Coming Soon ::

Several months ago a couple of us were in the studio and the subject of a "soft" Midpack came up. Most of us here have left the days of messengering behind us, and so we tend to use double-straps on a daily basis. The Midpack is awesome, but sometimes you just want something really simple, and moreover you want something that's lightweight for the times where you really don't have much in it. This is the same line of thinking that originally lead us to create the Sprint/Dash and Softpack models, which are basically a trivial amount of weight when they're empty.

While we were discussing this, we also began to look for a new liner material that would allow us to create a truly weatherproof bag that was still soft, pliable, and light. A few fabric samples and several incarnations later, finally we were left with the next model to be introduced into the R.E.Load family: the Flight Pack. The lining is basically a vinyl-coated poly fabric; the side that is exposed within the bag has the feel of a piece of clothing while still being quite resistant to abrasion. For the outside pockets, we decided to stick with our default truck tarp liner material, which helps pockets retain their shape. The side pockets borrow the mesh bottoms from our Midpack/Minipack models, and fit water bottles, u-locks, etc. perfectly while allowing proper drainage.

Inside the bag, we've got our standard organizer pocket set up. The rear wall is padded with closed-cell foam, and once again the Flight Pack borrows from the MIdpack for its padded shoulder straps, adjustable sternum strap, and handle.

I've been using different forms of this bag for a few months now, and honestly it's just a really, really comfortable and dynamic pack. Pliability is not a term that quickly pops into most peoples' minds when they think about our bags, but this new liner material really makes the bag feel super broken-in from the get go. The bag is light and easy.

We expect to release the Flight Pack in two sizes. The Large version measures roughly the same dimensions as the Midpack and should be coming out in early September. The Small version will be closer to the Minipack and will probably be released in late September. Additionally, we will be carrying over this new liner material to the Dash and Sprint models, making them truly weatherproof as well.

Friday, July 30, 2010

:: SuperLuxe's are Here ::

A while back we started working on a new strap system - which we've also just released - in conjunction with a few improvements to our Deluxe model. A longstanding favorite amongst working messengers due to its sheer size and durability, the Deluxe has remained unchanged for longer than any other bag in our lineup. Although the SuperLuxe can technically be thought of as the "Deluxe 2.0", we opted for a new name and a fresh start. For summer 2010, we've made the switch to our new 215 (two-one-five) strap, which is essentially a hybrid of our old school metal buckle and our new split strap system. This strap is center-adjusting, but swaps the plastic quick release buckle for our metal webbing buckle, allowing the classic feel of our old strap system in an updated form.

Along with the 215 strap, we've added triple-layer construction to the SuperLuxe. The waterproof, 18-oz. vinyl coated nylon layer is now sandwiched between a layer of pack cloth and a layer of cordura, with no thru-stitches. While this technically helps to weatherproof the bag, this has never been an issue anyway, so the main purpose is to help protect the vinly layer from abrasion and prolong the lifetime given the huge amount of opening/closing cycles a messenger's bag goes through. Finally, we added a stock blinky light loop, just because. The bag maintains the standard double outside pockets and base compression straps from the original Deluxe.

The SuperLuxe takes its place as our flagship single-strap as the Deluxe retires (you can still configure a "Deluxe" bag using the Courier model of the bag build page on our site). We look forward to seeing this new model on messengers worldwide!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

:: Rewind: Oakley B-1B Grips ::

A little while back Oakley started a limited run re-issue of their B-1B grips. I'm embarrassed to say I've actually had my hands on a pair of these for a few weeks now, but haven't had a second to give them a good run through up till now.

Anybody who knows me knows that I've pretty much always rocked old bmx stuff on my bikes. Through the late nineties Italian track frame era, the early 2000's NJS craze, up through now, on pretty much every bike I've set up, I've slapped on a plastic bmx seat and some old school grips. I STILL have a few new Viscount Aero and Hutch Trick Top seats sitting in my closet waiting for the next project. In any case, suffice to say that I'll take the old Oakley, A'me, and ODI grips over the current crop of handles almost any day. Oury's are probably the "newest" grips i've ever put on a bike, and those still go back further than i can remember.

Oakley's B-1B reissue takes it back to a lost era. They've got a dual compound construction, with a soft, white sleeve featuring what can be best described as "octopus suckers", covering a royal blue internal grip. The stiff flange is appreciated and our hands are protected by an old school neoprene donut. on the outside end of the grip, there's a thick-walled integrated end cap to help protect against the cookie cutter effect.

The grips are shorter than what most people will be used to...they also feel a bit slimmer than normal, but honestly I'm coming off of the notoriously thick Oury's, so that might not actually be the case. What IS the case is that these tings are incredibly comfortable, and moreover, stay grippy when they're wet. I'm so used to having to put the clutch of death on the Oury's that I'd forgotten what its like to just "hold" a grip!

Unfortunately for most of us, the Oakley crew is just doing a short run of these - and only in the White/Royal scheme - so if you want a pair you'd be well advised to act now!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

:: Fast Forward in Three Days ::

Ok, we're a couple days from the Philadelphia leg of the DVS/Cadence Fast Forward event....here's the final details:

The main race is on Saturday, July 17th, starting at 1pm. You can register from noon until then for $5. Registration is at Penn Treaty Park. The main race is a WINNER TAKES ALL burner. DVS has put up $250 in cash, and this will be added to 100% of the registration fees that are collected. We're really hoping to get a good 50 or so people out for the race, which would mean $500 to the winner! Should be a big help should they choose to head out to SF for the series finals. Additionally the winner will receive a pair of H PLus Son rims.

You will not need a bag for this race. This is a straight up "point-to-point, get signatures" deal here. First to the finish wins. Ride any type of bike that you like. Checkpoints MUST be done in order. Here's the course:

Start: Penn Treaty Park
#1: I wont give an exact address but its in the Mann Music Center/Bala Cynwood/Manayunk vicinity
#2: FDR Park
#3: 46th and Spruce
Finish: Water Street under 95

After the main race is finished, we'll be doing a series of "last man out" races and giving away some R.E.Load, Cadence, and Fabric horse stuff. We made the change to this plan - rather than just giving absolutely everything to the main race winner - so that more people can come and enjoy the event. Entry in the sprint races is free! We expect the sprints to begin around 3:30-ish.

After the sprints are done we can head to Tattooed Moms for some specials; we'll have the upstairs.

Hope to see a good crowd out there on Saturday!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

:: Couldn't We Ride ::

A while back I got an email from Maggie Smith at Quirk gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Essentially inviting us to take part in a group show featuring friends (Taliah Lempert of Bicyclepaintings.com, Kevin Dillard of Demoncats.com) and some other very interesting artists, it was a no-brainer to accept. Initially, I was at once incredibly appreciative to get the invite in the first place, extremely excited to get the chance to put some work in a show, and impressed at the very advanced notice. For the most part, I get contacted by race organizers and event planners say, maybe a whopping two to three weeks before they need things from us, so getting months and months to prepare was a nice luxury.

Anyway, so the upcoming opening gave me a great excuse to finally start on a project that wasn't a bag. Back when we had our shop in Old City (I think this was about 2003-2006; it was right smack in the middle of all the galleries that would take part in First friday), we used to host an opening just about every month. along with this, we would have an annual show where we would invite a bunch of artists to work on a flap or bag and we'd make things along with them, showcasing the collaborations as well as our own lines. After we moved up to Northern Liberties, we had one final bag show. A year later we took part in the Pedal:Reloaded show in Seattle, which was awesome. Since then though, although we've tossed around the idea of having another show, our general workload has been enough to keep us from progressing much past an initial discussion.

One of the things I'd always thought about was working on applique pieces as actual wall hangings, rather than parts of bags. Obviously, I love making artwork for R.E.Load bags, but along with that comes not only dimensional restraints, but also a necessary level of commitment to wear a piece day in and day out, and expose it to the elements and excessive wear and tear. Ideas swirled around my head, but I honestly never got anywhere near starting on a project in the past.

Since Quirk's show - titled "Couldn't We Ride" - is based on art in cycling and comes at the tail end of Richmond's Bike Month, a portrait of a cycling legend seemed fitting. Merckx was pretty much my first though, so I set to work. Overall, the process is identical to what we do on bags, with the exception that since I was dealing with a piece of fabric about twice the size as a Deluxe bag flap, it was a bit harder to manipulate everything under the machine. The image size is about 19.5" x 16.5".

Here is the photo that i decided to work off of for the piece:

Setup really IS everything when doing detailed applique, and this was no different. It took several hours to cut and place all of the elements of text, shading, etc. on the panel. One benefit of a larger format is that all of the small details are that much larger,so for that I was a bit thankful.

One thing I knew would be necessary was a frame that went well with the piece, so I spent a bit of time rummaging around various thrift stores in Philly until I came across the final frame. I think it goes perfectly with the piece, both in its general design and weathered appearance.

I also wound up making a new Music Tribute Series bag for the show, as well as a separate piece that's really more of a study of what our applique machine can do. Its more of a technical study, that is. Gerik made some awesome miniature bags as well as several small framed applique pieces, and Brie made a new beach tote with some intense applique work on it. I'll be grabbing photos of all of those at the show; will post soon!

The opening reception for "Couldnt We Ride" is Friday, July 2nd, and I'll be traveling down to Richmond for the first time ever to check it out and hopefully meet the other artists:

Kevin Dillard
Justin Rothshank
Taliah Lempert
Stellina Sport
Noah Rosen
Suzanne Carlsen
Villin Cycle Works
Bilenky Cycle Works
Kara Ginther

Quirk Gallery
311 West Broad St
Richmond VA 23220

Saturday, June 05, 2010

New Cadence Summer 2010 Collection

"Nonrepresentational Representations", the new Cadence collection, features a rolltop backpack, designed by yours truly. There is a limited run of this bag, and it is only available on the Cadence site. Look for it in a different colorway on the R.E. Load site later in the summer. We are also equally excited about the new DVS X Cadence shoe in this collection. Dustin is staying true to his style and continuing to be truly innovative. We are excited to be working with him.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prize Bags, Tons of Straps, and Lots Coming

So the past month has been chock full of activity over here! We released our new Lockdown foot straps in the beginning of April, and the initial feedback could not have been any better. We've already been filling orders from all over the globe, and we're pretty happy about the number of shops that will be stocking these. If your local shop doesn't yet carry them, feel free to give 'em a little prod in the right direction!

We're also sponsoring two awesome events this month! On April 24th, check out Fixed Fight 4 in Florida (St. Petersburg). Contrary to what the name might imply, the race is open to bikes and riders of all kinds. Last year they had over 200 entrants! For a measly five bones, you have the chance to win this amazing custom prize bag made by Gerik (artwork by Julius Santiago, who designed all of he promotional materials for the race).

Julius is doing a really cool project where he is designing 365 different bears, the above one being one of them. You can check out the whole project here.

I've also just finished a custom bag to be raffled off in a benefit for this years CMWC in Guatemala. This year, in an effort to get people to register BEFORE the event, there will be a series of giveaways that new registrants are eligible for. This way, the organizers can actually raise some the necessary money for the event in advance, and hopefully not have to extend too much of their own funds beforehand and then hope to recoup during the event itself. Makes a lot of sense, and actually gets their sponsors promoted on a broader level than just the awards ceremony.

Anyway, so far Pac has donated one of their Ultimate OS messenger bags (Pac's are sick, and were it not for the fact that I make my own bags, I'd surely be using a Pac), which has already been raffled off. I made this SuperLuxe bag a few days ago for the next drawing, which will take place on May 1st. Make note that that's also the date when registration will go up from $80 to $100. So, three great reasons to register NOW: 1) This year's CMWC is going to be awesome and is being organized by veterans and long-time leaders such as Andy Zalen and Nadir, 2) You can save $20 and make the organizers' lives much easier, and 3) you can win a custom R.E.Load bag worth over $325. DO IT!!!!

Oh, so the 18 stars on the flap are for the 18th Annual CMWC. You can find information about the dates, events, housing, and of course, registration on the official CMWC website.

More on the SuperLuxe: this bag is a model that will be released very shortly, and is basically a redesign of our current flagship messenger bag, the Deluxe. Nothing too crazy, just a few change based on some things that our riders have been asking for here and there. We've introduced three-layer construction, featuring an inside layer of pack cloth. This helps to protect the vinyl liner from abrasion and generally improves the "feel" of the bag when you're reaching in to get something. This layer is added in the final stages of construction, and as such has no thru-stitching. This should serve to make the bag even more weather-resistant than it is already (not that we've ever had any complaints about the Deluxe) - and also, in a small way, is aesthetically more pleasing. 2" wide hook UltraMate velcro runs across the flap for extra security, and a blinky light loop will be standard. Finally - and this might actually be the most exciting new bit on this model - we've made up a new hybrid strap system that features our new split-strap padding and seatbelt webbing, while keeping our original nickel-plated metal buckle. This stemmed from one comment that we heard over and over again from messengers: "I really like the split-strap, but i miss the action on the old-school metal buckles". Well, now you can have the best of both worlds! Easy, chest/front adjustment, with the smooth action and aesthetic elegance of a steel buckle. The one down side is that the strap can no longer be unclipped (as with the split strap), but we've found that most messengers are adjusting their straps frequently and simply release strap to remove the bag, rather than unclipping it in the middle. Non-messengers tend to adjust strap length less frequently (since they have a more consistent volume of stuff in their bags), and unclip more instead.

What else....oh, I've been working on a prototype for a soft, rolltop midpack. Basically, something with a bit of a simpler layout, and lighter, for general use. It'll feature cordura with two layers of pack cloth (the inner layer with no thru-stitching). So far the bag has been awesome; I definitely have some minor changes/additions, but hope to release for summer time! Here's a pic (along with my new bike, courtesy of Bryan at Bicycle Revolutions.

Oh, and if you havent registered yet for the Maypril Fools Ride.......now is the time!!! Event tees are NOT guaranteed if you register after the 24th!!! Go do it now, here.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

:: Lockdown Foot Straps Coming in April ::

We're in the final stages of development for our soon-to-be-released "Lockdown" foot straps! Basically, all we have left to do is choose a few color ways for our "stock" straps, and some configurations for customizing. The feedback we've received from testers, shops, and the fixed gear community in general has been extremely positive, so we're excited to announce a release date of April 1st for these. Shop orders have already been pouring in, and we are committed to getting these orders to our shops in time for this release as well...meaning, in a few weeks you will be able to find these at your local R.E.Load dealer!

Gerik and I went through a few iterations before settling on the final design. At first, I was fairly committed to utilizing hardware for the outboard end of the lower straps. After a few prototypes, we realized simplicity would be the best way to go. Therefore, the only hardware present on these straps is our classic nickel-plated D-ring, which in this case, serves as the connection between the inside of the lower and upper straps. Aside from creating a hard point for the upper strap attachment, the arc of the ring allows the strap to pivot naturally to find the perfect angular position over the riders' foot. Something, actually, we hadn't anticipated, but a wonderful discovery nonetheless. The lower straps are a double-layer of our 1" messenger bag webbing, while the upper strap is our 2" messenger bag seatbelt webbing, covered in Cordura and with trimmed edges. Four layers of Velcro are sandwiched in between all of this when the foot straps are assembled. The end result is a sturdy, secure, and resilient strap that is also very, very comfortable.

Lockdown straps will be offered as four basic options:
1) Stock Color Ways: We'll always stock black, as well as at least two other color combinations. These will retail for $47
2) Custom Color Ways: Choose from our 30+ Cordura colors for the strap, as well as your choice of two colors from our 20 trim colors. One week turnaround. These will retail for $52
3) Custom Color Ways and Stripes: Same as above, but add two stripes of color and/or reflective material. One week turnaround. These will retail for $57
4) Limited Editions: Seasonal styles and patterns. First up will be Brie's woodgrain print. Pricing will vary on these.

We'll be doing some random drawings from our newsletter subscription list in the next few weeks; winners will receive a free pair of brand new Lockdown straps! Sign up for your chance to win!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Our Frontier Knapsack is now available at UNIONMADE. A unique, Americana style men's fashion boutique in the Castro. After yapping away with Todd Barket in his new store and gushing over everything in the store, I couldn't help but want to be a part of it.
UNIONMADE | 493 Sanchez Street | San Francisco, Calif. | 415-861-3373

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I've been talking with Ed, from Pheonix Bikes, whose "Mission is to empower youth to become social entrepreneurs through direct participation in a financially and environmentally sustainable nonprofit bike shop that serves the community. We provide a fun, safe, and challenging environment for local youth through building & running a great community bike shop. We believe this is a unique way for young leaders to learn teamwork, explore social entrepreneurship, develop business and leadership skills, and serve others." We are proud to support them as a sponsor for their upcoming 3rd Annual Bike Show.