Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Red Tag Holiday Sale

If you're still shopping for presents or just looking for a good deal, we're running a store wide holiday sale on all of our in-stock bags.

Check out the Sale section on our website or come in to our shop in Philly, and look for the red tag to save up to 40% on our hand produced, locally made bags!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Awesome New Camo

True Timber MC2 Cordura®!

We recently got a few yards of this awesome pattern that combines the brightness of safety orange with the woody print of the "newer" style of hunting camouflage, and, of course, it sparked a discussion of why such a bold pattern would exist in the first place.

Basically it comes down to how deer see:

So, that super-bright orange isn't exactly invisible to a deer, but it isn't nearly as bold as it is to us.

If you really want to get a deer's attention (or a deer hunter's for that matter), get a Small Flightpack made out of this sick camo, and go run around in the woods!

Hit us up if you're interested in getting something made out of this stuff.

Holiday Deadline Pushed Up

Today we had to make a tough decision. We had previously laid out the holiday deadlines to stretch a little further into the month, but we have been experiencing an overwhelming volume of orders, and unfortunately, we have no choice other than to stop taking requests for Build Your Own and Made to Order bags at midnight tonite. We absolutely hate having to call it so early, but we really have no choice. There's just no way we can make any more bags in time for the holidays!

So, if you need a bag in time for holiday delivery, get that order in NOW! Keep in mind, we also have a huge number of existing bags in the SALE category, and there's always our gift certificates, which will allow the recipient to select something from our stock, or build an item of their very own!

We will continue to make our accessories for as long as possible, and should be able to stick to our original deadline calendar...however, to be safe, we really recommend getting that order in sooner than later!

Again, our sincere apologies, but this will insure that everybody gets their gifts on time!


Introducing the new collection Leave Nothing Behind

Desgined and hand printed by Mari Montacelli. Handmade by Ellie Lum and Mari Montacelli in the RE Load SF studio one stitch at a time. Limited run of bags, frame pads, and t-shirts.

An Interview with Mari Montacelli

How old are you?
I am twenty-four years of age.

How long have you been silkscreening professionally for?
I've been silkscreening for six years.

How did you come up with the textile print & concept for this collection?The graphic came from a drawing I made after I kicked a rock, not on purpose, broke one of my toes, though. Made it so it was uncomfortable to walk. It started me thinking about how movement can become restricted easily if you think about it in only a familiar way. That's where the "ghost claw" on the shirts comes from, its an alternative means to keep on, keepin' on. The lines of the textile are from the shirt graphic, in the wings of the bird, then keeping everything black and white. 

What is your favorite thing about making things?
Welp, everything...

How long have you been apprenticing at RE Load?
A little over a year.

How would you describe your apprenticeship?
Its rad. I'm getting to learn how to sew without having to sit in a class. Its pretty similar to how I learned to screen print. You learn a new step, then take into production, pretty much fail at it, then get better eventually because you have the chance to do it over again. B
ut mostly you start to understand why things are made in a certain sequence or why a part goes in a specific place. That understanding isn't confined to the one singular thing you are making, its starts to creep over into the way you understand other stuff, how they are similar and why they need to be different. 

How do you feel about art school?
I have never attended, so I can't really say one way or the other. I was sort of thinking about it, however, financially I couldn't justify it, so at the time my main gripe was that it should be cheaper... Now though, I know it would have been all bad. I have a hard time learning in group settings- I can't pay attention with thirty other people milling about, walking, breathing and what not. Then having a professor demand you process information the same way they do by writing papers or making presentations. Personally, it would have been a waste of time.  If it was taught more as a trade, like,"Here is this technical skill, this is how these instruments work, now GO do as you will with them." I would be interested, but maybe thats more what you'd call design and not art...? 

Tell us about Four Lttr Wrds? 
Four Lttr Wrds is the name of my business. Most screen silk screen shops print large volumes of t-shirts or posters. And thats always a good-time, usually though, the jobs I get are these little unique projects where I get to put a little more
creativity and time into completing the job.