Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Current ILLEST Bag ever ?

Ashley Steigerwalt is the proud owner of this, R.E.Load East's "bag of the moment". Designed by Ashley's friend Pete Dalkner, and stitched by Gerik Forston. This got pulled off PERFECTLY, further cementing Gerik's claim to "Best applique stitcher on the East Coast". It's safe to say that Gerik is the king of detail.

The Face of Kryptonite....

....is me! At least for the time being. They've been updating their site to include short bios and pics of the people who use their products. I'm up on the "bikes" section (which luckily is the main section and thus the home page) with my custom Bilenky S+S coupler track bike. And Donna Tocci (the best rep of any company anywhere) has also put me on the Kryptronite blog. Amusingly enough, the pic on the blog is one of the few times ever that I HAVEN'T had a krypto Mini Evo in my back pocket....it was during the R.E.Load photo shoot, so I wasn't locking my bike up anywhere.

Anyhow, Kryptonite has consistently provided the messenger community with incredible support as far as race prizes, benefit donations, and of course, exposure. Not to mention their main purpose, which is providing us with a means to actually KEEP our bicycles (as opposed crying on a curb holding a broken lock). So check out their site and their blog for news and events, as well as more products to keep your posessions safe and sound!

SE Racing x R.E.Load !!!

SE racing called us up a little bit before Interbike to see if we could make some bags for their new 2008 lineup. Designed by Bruce Freehoff from SE, these are the samples we came up with for the show. Hopefully SE will go ahead and have us make a limited run for the upcoming season. If you're feeling them, please contact SE ! We can't make them available ourselves as they are SE's design, so if you want one, put some pressure on SE to make them a reality.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

Uwishunu Interview

I guess October is officially "Interview Roland Month". Here's one by Jess Keating, on Uwishunu.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Thursday, October 04, 2007


check out this new video from the Trackstar crew

Video: Monster Track 8

Check it out (sent courtesy of NYC's Chris Kim): Monster Track 8 Video

* IN case you didn't know, Monster Track is the premiere fixed-only event in the world. We've been providing the first-place bag for it for about five years now. Congratulations Alfred, and props to Shino holding it down yet again in a brand new city.....