Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Face of Kryptonite....

....is me! At least for the time being. They've been updating their site to include short bios and pics of the people who use their products. I'm up on the "bikes" section (which luckily is the main section and thus the home page) with my custom Bilenky S+S coupler track bike. And Donna Tocci (the best rep of any company anywhere) has also put me on the Kryptronite blog. Amusingly enough, the pic on the blog is one of the few times ever that I HAVEN'T had a krypto Mini Evo in my back pocket....it was during the R.E.Load photo shoot, so I wasn't locking my bike up anywhere.

Anyhow, Kryptonite has consistently provided the messenger community with incredible support as far as race prizes, benefit donations, and of course, exposure. Not to mention their main purpose, which is providing us with a means to actually KEEP our bicycles (as opposed crying on a curb holding a broken lock). So check out their site and their blog for news and events, as well as more products to keep your posessions safe and sound!