Monday, June 25, 2007

Austin Wins (again).

We made a bag for the Rumble in the Bronx race that took place in NYC a few weeks ago. Suprise...Austin won a race! Who would have ever guessed (does sarcasm translate properly on a blog?). Anyway, as usual i missed the race due to work commitments, but Kevin Dillard from the Demoncats (D.C.) was present and took some great photos for his blog. These two photos of Austin and his prize bag are thanks to Kevin. Be sure to check out the 5 Boro Generals website for info on upcoming races in this series! Congrats to Austin on winning what must be about his 4th R.E.Load prize bag!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My New Bilenky (pt. 2)

I took a pic a long time ago of my new Bilenky track frame, and noted my intentions to make it "the greenest bike on the planet". Well, it's been built for a while and I've finally got some pics of it complete. S & S couplers make it possible to take this thing apart and put it back together within about 5 minutes. It fits in a bag roughly the length and height of a 700c wheel, with 12" depth. In other words, you'll never be charged airplane fees again. Of course i had to hook it up with a Level hubset. Anyway, I made a travel case for it for my trip to the NACCC's in S.F., but it definitely needs some modifications before I'd want to start really putting any in production. Here's me with the complete bike.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Lucky 7's Race

Atlanta. Seven's. Texas Hold 'em. I was really honestly trying to work out a way i could make it to this race, but it's just not gonna be possible. It's unfortunate for me, because these guys told me a bit about what's gonna be going on, and it sounds like a TON of fun. But just because I can't make it shoudn't keep anybody remotely close to ATL from catching this event. Actually, your odds are better without me there anyway...because i was DEFINITELY gonna pull you all-in on some slow-play stuff. Don't press me when I flop the straight, son!!

ahem. um....anyway, please email Justin for more details.

Rocky V Race !

The worst movie in the series might just be the best iteration of the classic race ever to take place. This series technically began in the late mid 90's; Mike Daily resurrected it a few years back and like every other amazing event that takes place on an annual basis, it's been getting bigger and bigger. Basically, it's a two-person relay race. One rides from Love park to the art museum, runs up the steps, grabs the next checkpoint clue, and rides it back to their partner who's waiting at the park. Then the partner goes to the actual checkpoint, returning to Love park to restart the cycle. Daily has assured me that this year will feature some nuts-type checkpoints. He's already got Pabst, Monster, AND Red Bull on board, so expect some hyped-up participants. Oh, and there's a certain awesome Philadelphia messenger bag company sponsoring it again this year. Peep the prize bags shortly....

Check the PBMA website for more info!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New ECMC's

Whitesnake (along with a host of others) from NYC has been planning something special for a while...I'll let him fill you in on it:

"As some of you know, last summer I put for Brooklyn to host the 2007 European Cycle Messenger Championship. I had a surprising amount of crowd support, right up until the vote that determined that non-European cities could NOT host the European Championship.

I thought it was an unfair bias. Both London and Dublin have hosted the ECMC, both are built on island nation floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Just like Brooklyn, another city built on an island floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

After my bid attempt was shot down, Oslo, Norway won the popular vote to host the 2007 ECMC. I wished them congratulations and informed the crowd that I would be hosting a 2007 ECMC with or without the permission of the IFBMA.

Most of you thought it was the drunken boast of a sleep deprived, intoxicated fool, and you were right, regardless of this fact we are still forging ahead with the 2007 ECMC in Brooklyn, New York.

Welcome to the first ever European Cycle Messenger Challenge, a/k/a the first ever East Coast Messenger Chumpionship.

This will be a different sort of messenger event. Yes, there will be racing, showmanship, and constant one-upsmanship. There will also be singing, dancing, swimming, grilling, getting down with your bad self, and a five day long party that will mostly be a blur in your brain when it's all said and done.

These events have always been as much about getting to know the other messengers on the street as much as determining whose the fastest. We've determined that a million times over now. Maybe this event will determine who is the drunkest. Or the best singer. Or volleyball player. Or party animal. Or maybe it will determine nothing at all. I like that.

So, you, now go tell everyone that a Chumpionship determines nothing at all. It's just a big party, with some bicycle racing involved."

Sounds good to us! Check out more info at the official mess magazine site.

Le Tour De Le District 2007

Straight from the mouth (keyboard?) of Demoncat John comes this reminder about the upcoming, self-proclaimed "race of the season". That season being the summer, or course....and actually, not counting championship races. well, you know what we mean. Just don't miss this if you live anywhere remotely close to DC. Meaning if you're on the east coast of the US, or Canada even. For more details, check out the demoncats blog. Oh, and by the way, we sponsoring it.