Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rocky V Race !

The worst movie in the series might just be the best iteration of the classic race ever to take place. This series technically began in the late mid 90's; Mike Daily resurrected it a few years back and like every other amazing event that takes place on an annual basis, it's been getting bigger and bigger. Basically, it's a two-person relay race. One rides from Love park to the art museum, runs up the steps, grabs the next checkpoint clue, and rides it back to their partner who's waiting at the park. Then the partner goes to the actual checkpoint, returning to Love park to restart the cycle. Daily has assured me that this year will feature some nuts-type checkpoints. He's already got Pabst, Monster, AND Red Bull on board, so expect some hyped-up participants. Oh, and there's a certain awesome Philadelphia messenger bag company sponsoring it again this year. Peep the prize bags shortly....

Check the PBMA website for more info!