Friday, July 30, 2010

:: SuperLuxe's are Here ::

A while back we started working on a new strap system - which we've also just released - in conjunction with a few improvements to our Deluxe model. A longstanding favorite amongst working messengers due to its sheer size and durability, the Deluxe has remained unchanged for longer than any other bag in our lineup. Although the SuperLuxe can technically be thought of as the "Deluxe 2.0", we opted for a new name and a fresh start. For summer 2010, we've made the switch to our new 215 (two-one-five) strap, which is essentially a hybrid of our old school metal buckle and our new split strap system. This strap is center-adjusting, but swaps the plastic quick release buckle for our metal webbing buckle, allowing the classic feel of our old strap system in an updated form.

Along with the 215 strap, we've added triple-layer construction to the SuperLuxe. The waterproof, 18-oz. vinyl coated nylon layer is now sandwiched between a layer of pack cloth and a layer of cordura, with no thru-stitches. While this technically helps to weatherproof the bag, this has never been an issue anyway, so the main purpose is to help protect the vinly layer from abrasion and prolong the lifetime given the huge amount of opening/closing cycles a messenger's bag goes through. Finally, we added a stock blinky light loop, just because. The bag maintains the standard double outside pockets and base compression straps from the original Deluxe.

The SuperLuxe takes its place as our flagship single-strap as the Deluxe retires (you can still configure a "Deluxe" bag using the Courier model of the bag build page on our site). We look forward to seeing this new model on messengers worldwide!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

:: Rewind: Oakley B-1B Grips ::

A little while back Oakley started a limited run re-issue of their B-1B grips. I'm embarrassed to say I've actually had my hands on a pair of these for a few weeks now, but haven't had a second to give them a good run through up till now.

Anybody who knows me knows that I've pretty much always rocked old bmx stuff on my bikes. Through the late nineties Italian track frame era, the early 2000's NJS craze, up through now, on pretty much every bike I've set up, I've slapped on a plastic bmx seat and some old school grips. I STILL have a few new Viscount Aero and Hutch Trick Top seats sitting in my closet waiting for the next project. In any case, suffice to say that I'll take the old Oakley, A'me, and ODI grips over the current crop of handles almost any day. Oury's are probably the "newest" grips i've ever put on a bike, and those still go back further than i can remember.

Oakley's B-1B reissue takes it back to a lost era. They've got a dual compound construction, with a soft, white sleeve featuring what can be best described as "octopus suckers", covering a royal blue internal grip. The stiff flange is appreciated and our hands are protected by an old school neoprene donut. on the outside end of the grip, there's a thick-walled integrated end cap to help protect against the cookie cutter effect.

The grips are shorter than what most people will be used to...they also feel a bit slimmer than normal, but honestly I'm coming off of the notoriously thick Oury's, so that might not actually be the case. What IS the case is that these tings are incredibly comfortable, and moreover, stay grippy when they're wet. I'm so used to having to put the clutch of death on the Oury's that I'd forgotten what its like to just "hold" a grip!

Unfortunately for most of us, the Oakley crew is just doing a short run of these - and only in the White/Royal scheme - so if you want a pair you'd be well advised to act now!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

:: Fast Forward in Three Days ::

Ok, we're a couple days from the Philadelphia leg of the DVS/Cadence Fast Forward's the final details:

The main race is on Saturday, July 17th, starting at 1pm. You can register from noon until then for $5. Registration is at Penn Treaty Park. The main race is a WINNER TAKES ALL burner. DVS has put up $250 in cash, and this will be added to 100% of the registration fees that are collected. We're really hoping to get a good 50 or so people out for the race, which would mean $500 to the winner! Should be a big help should they choose to head out to SF for the series finals. Additionally the winner will receive a pair of H PLus Son rims.

You will not need a bag for this race. This is a straight up "point-to-point, get signatures" deal here. First to the finish wins. Ride any type of bike that you like. Checkpoints MUST be done in order. Here's the course:

Start: Penn Treaty Park
#1: I wont give an exact address but its in the Mann Music Center/Bala Cynwood/Manayunk vicinity
#2: FDR Park
#3: 46th and Spruce
Finish: Water Street under 95

After the main race is finished, we'll be doing a series of "last man out" races and giving away some R.E.Load, Cadence, and Fabric horse stuff. We made the change to this plan - rather than just giving absolutely everything to the main race winner - so that more people can come and enjoy the event. Entry in the sprint races is free! We expect the sprints to begin around 3:30-ish.

After the sprints are done we can head to Tattooed Moms for some specials; we'll have the upstairs.

Hope to see a good crowd out there on Saturday!

Monday, July 05, 2010