Sunday, February 03, 2013

RELOAD/REUSE: Plockets now available!

We are committed to throwing less and less away, and in light of this, we are continually developing innovative ways to use our big pile of cordura and liner scraps. As we enter a new year, we renew this committment to be more sustainable by keeping things out of the landfill, leading us into a plethora of new projects in 2013. In particular, I have been mulling over what to do with the pile of liner & Cordura scraps under my cutting table that resembles a futuristic rats nest made by a very industrious rat obssessed with abrasive-resistant waterproof fabric. I have resolved that this unruly mess has to be dealt with-and not by just casting it away to the landfill for the most industrious rats to use for the next thousand years.
Hence, a new product born out of discarded scraps, Plockets, living wall planters! Plockets are great to plant herbs, succulents, or any indoor plant. People have also been known to use them as hanging wall organizers for keys and mail. The possibilities are endless! Plockets take influence from the current living wall planters on the market and put a RELOAD/REUSE spin on them. Stay tuned for more projects that carry our committment to conscious consumption forward. We will be continually offering recycled and upcycled products that use our production scraps and cast-offs. These products will be tagged with our RELOAD/REUSE label. Up-cycling lends itself so well to creativity!
Each Plocket is unique in patterns, color, and style. Plockets are available in 2 sizes, Small and Large. *See product description for specifics Plockets are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use. * See description of each product for specified indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor Plockets have drainage holes, indoor ones do not. For custom Plocket orders please email
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