Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 April Fools Fun Ride: The Recap!

It's been a few weeks since our 11th April Fools Fun Ride, and we've been looking through pics and reminiscing about what a great turnout we had for the event. This year, we had just over 150 participants, not to mention all of the volunteers and general people hanging out at various checkpoints and the start/finish. We'd sincerely like to thank everybody who helped make this year's ride possible! Special thanks to Mike Dailey, whose tireless work leading up to the event garnered us a ton of prizes, awesome volunteers, and a great spot for the after party (GARAGE on Passyunk).

We were lucky enough to host the event on the very first sunny Saturday of the year, and for three hours, riders cruised through Center City, West Philly, and South Philly, enjoying what basically amounts to a huge rolling party and collecting points in the attempt of prizes and glory. When it was all said and done, Molly Raimont came away with the top prize, posting well over a thousand points! For her efforts, she walked away with awesome prizes from R.E.load, Cadence Collection, Fabric Horse, Lone Wolf cycling, MSC Customs, CycleHawk, Fiks Reflective, Abus Locks, and Rothera. Additional Sponsors included Firehouse Bikes, Bicycle Revolutions, Philly Bikesmith, Stuart Leon Law Offices, Sly Fox, Little Baby's Ice Cream, Outlaw Print Co., Awesome Dude's Printing, and the Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association.

Although it's a lot of work, it's an absolute blast to throw the fun Ride, and we're looking forward to an even bigger event next year, with more twists and more pranks! To check out more pics, head over to our Facebook page, and don't forget to go over to the Demoncats website for some profession photo coverage by the legendary Kevin Dillard.

Final Results: 

1. Molly Raimont
2. Elizabeth Pinney
3. Michael Hoepfl
4. Pat Woods
5. Rajijv Sainath
6. Chris Porvaznik
7. David Essom
8. Pat Perhosky
9. Pat Engleman
10. Kenneth Mascaro