Friday, December 16, 2011

:: UPDATED Holiday Schedule ::

Ok, we're now at the tail end of our holiday rush....which means that time is of the essence, so we want to make sure that all of our customers are 100% clear about what they need to do to get their orders delivered on time for the holidays. Please look over the following guidelines for ordering in-stock bags and accessories!

Custom bags ("Build Your Own" section):
It is now entirely too late to order ANY type of custom bag to be picked up or delivered by December 23rd! As clearly stated on our website, any custom bags (basically anything from the "Build Your Own" section or anything you are submitting graphics for) will not be made until after the new year.

Custom accessories:
If you are ordering through our website, custom accessories must be order by noon on Saturday, December 17th to ensure delivery by 12/23. This applies to any state in the US. IF YOUR ORDER INCLUDES A BAG AS WELL AS AN ACCESSORY, IT IS A BAG ORDER, NOT AN ACCESSORY ORDER! In that case, you must look at the BAG shipping schedule below!

In-stock bags ("Collections" or "Limited Edition" sections):
If you are ordering through our website, the bag(s) must be ordered by the following dates to ensure delivery by 12/23:
- AK, WA, OR, ID, MT, ND, CA, NV, UT, NM, TX, AZ orders must be placed by noon on Friday, December 16th
- AZ, WY, SD, NE, CO, OK, AR, LA, PR, HI, MS orders must be placed by 6pm on Saturday, December 17th
- Any other domestic order for any other state must be placed by noon on Monday, December 19th

In-stock accessories*:
If you are ordering through our website, the accessories must be ordered by noon on Monday, December 19th to ensure delivery by 12/23. This applies to any state in the US.
* Please note that any accessory with the words "custom" in the title is NOT an in-stock accessory. It is a CUSTOM accessory!


If it is past the deadline for your location, we can still assist you with your order and get it to you on time, but you must call us so we can set up for rush shipping. UPS upgrade charges will apply. Call us at 215-625-2987 and we will be glad to go through your options with you! Please be aware of our store hours so that you can contact us directly. Please do not leave a message after hours and ask us to return your call so you can buy a bag! Call us during our normal hours. We will be here answering the phone from 10am-6pm Friday , 12pm-6pm Saturday, 10am-6pm on Monday, 10am-6pm Tuesday, and 10am-6pm Wednesday. WE ARE CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY AT 6PM ON WEDNESDAY. After that, nobody will be in the store until after the new year.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

:: Holiday Schedule ::

Ok, so its about that time to lay down a schedule for Holiday orders! Please check and make sure that if you need a bag to be delivered for the holidays, you're ordering it on time! We will be shipping on the following schedule; if you need to place an order with a quicker shipping time and/or after the 20th, you MUST call us directly. Otherwise we cannot guarantee proper delivery. Trying to adjust orders after the fact can potentially lead to confusion!!!

For orders including In-stock bags (Custom bag orders DO NOT fall into this category); delivery by Dec 23rd

- AK, WA, OR, ID, MT, ND, CA, NV, UT, NM, and TX: Order must be placed by 6pm Thursday, Dec 15th.
- AZ, WY, SD, NE, CO, OK, AR, LA, PR, HI and MS: Order must be placed by 6pm Friday, Dec 16th
- KS, MN, IA, MO, IL, WI, AL, GA, FL: Order must be placed by 6pm Monday, Dec 19th
- MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, NY, VT, ME, NH, MA, RI, VA, SC, NJ, DE, MD, and CT and PA: Order must be placed by 6pm
Tuesday, Dec 20th

For orders including custom bags without graphics; delivery by Dec 23rd*

* We will continue to make bags for as long as humanly possible up to our deadlines, but please realize that for custom orders placed after these dates, we will have to charge a rush fee of 10% of the bag price. This is because we will be putting in extra hours to get your bag done on time if it is ordered late! If you need this service, please call us!

- AK, WA, OR, ID, MT, ND, CA, NV, UT, NM, and TX: Order must be placed by 6pm Thursday, Dec 1st.
- AZ, WY, SD, NE, CO, OK, AR, LA, PR, HI and MS: Order must be placed by 6pm Friday, Dec 2nd
- KS, MN, IA, MO, IL, WI, AL, GA, FL: Order must be placed by 6pm Saturday, Dec 3th
- MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, NY, VT, ME, NH, MA, RI, VA, SC, NJ, DE, MD, and CT and PA: Order must be placed by 6pm
Monday, Dec 5th

For orders including custom bags with graphics; delivery by Dec 23rd

- PUT YOUR ORDER IN NOW WHY ARE YOU STILL WAITING?!? Rush fees may already apply; contact us for more info.

For orders that only include accessories, delivery by Dec 23rd

- If it is an in-stock accessory (ie. it's not from the "Build Your Own" section), you must put in the order by 6pm Monday,
Dec 19th to ensure Priority Mail delivery.
- If it is a custom accessory, you must put in your order by 6pm Friday, Dec 16th to ensure production and Priority Mail

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We've started our Small Business Saturday sale , and its a doozy! Pretty much everything we have in stock is on sale, with standard shoulder bags at least 15% off, and double straps at least 10% off (except for the Megapack, sorry!). There's also savings on every single graphic bag in stock, ranging from 10% to 35% off! And we're also dropping pricing on new color ways of Lockdown straps, our brand new V.3 belts, and frame pads. We've got a bunch of Chuey hats left from the summer, and those are over 30% off as well.

We couldn't leave out those who would like to order a custom bag made from scratch, so for you guys, we've got some free stuff to go along with your new bags when its done. We'll be adding a R.E.Load tee, beer coozie, or wallet free of charge with custom orders!

This sale will definitely go until Monday!! To all of our loyal customers and everybody who supports us - and other small businesses who still make great products in America - we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

:: MOLLE Flight Packs Available Today ::

We're nearing the light at the end of the tunnel with this new MOLLE lineup! Today we're releasing the first model in the group, the Small MOLLE Flight Pack. We're figuring this will be the most popular of the bunch, so we're focusing on it for the initial launch. Available attachments will be the small, medium and large pouches, U lock holster and bottle holder. In the very near future we'll be adding pump/miscellaneous-tube-shaped-things straps, as well as a polo mallet holster.

You can check out our new MOLLE Flight Packs - in both standard CORDURA® and waxed canvas configurations - on our website
right now! Plus, if you order attachments along with the bag in the same color way, each attachment is discounted! If you'd like a bunch of different colors on the bag instead, we can of course do custom attachments.

Here's a little preliminary overview of how the attachments are installed.

Since all of this is new right now, we don't have much as far as stock yet. The plan is to have a nice stack of all-black attachments ready to go at all times, at a discount. We'll also be making some runs of attachments in random color ways, again at a discount. Hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks. Right now, custom MOLLE bag orders will be put in our normal schedule, which means about two weeks.

We'll start posting up the MOLLE shoulder bags in the next day or two! If you have any questions, comments, recommendations, etc., or if you just see something that was overlooked/messed up on the website, please email us!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

:: September 10th - DETOUR Reception Featuring Tim Gough ::

DETOUR is an artist run collective that curates bimonthly displays at R.E.Load. On Saturday, September 10th, we will be hosting a reception for their newest installation! Featuring artwork by Philadelphia artist Tim Gough, this will be our last party of the summer, and we're set to go out with a bang. Tim will have silk screened prints available for $20 and up, and we'll be supporting with refreshments of all kinds! We hope you can join us!

608 N 2nd st
Saturday, September 10th
6pm - 10pm

Saturday, August 06, 2011

:: More MOLLE ::

Still working on the new MOLLE collection; here's a few more pics! This is a small Flight Pack with all three pouch sizes on it. The "small" pouch fits Iphones perfectly

The U-lock holder is made with a mesh front wall for drainage, and fits Kryptonite mini's

The bottle holder features an elastic lip and two cross-straps for security, and fits cycling water bottles, soda cans/bottles, and most other bottles all the way up to one liter!

More coming soon!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

:: MOLLE Lineup Coming Soon ::

We're working on a new line of bags utilizing MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system webbing! MOLLE is basically a standardized grid of webbing, with repetitive divisions stitched horizontally and vertically, that allows compatible attachments to be securely woven into the grid without the need for zippers or sewing. It is capable of making a bag entirely modular; you can put attachments wherever there is MOLLE webbing, as long as there are enough "loops" to handle the size of the particular attachment. So, if you've ever wanted, say, a u-lock holder in a certain place on your bag, or a water bottle pouch, or maybe just a big exterior pocket, whatever...your bag setup is now entirely up to you! These specialized attachments can be added or removed within minutes, and reused as you see fit.

We're very excited about this new lineup, because it will allow us to easily introduce new attachments down the line. The bag itself is a blank slate, and since it uses a standardized system, all we have to do is make sure all of our subsequent attachments use this same system.

Currently, we have plans for the following attachments:

Small, Medium, and Large Pouches:These will all be waterproof and feature flaps with both velcro closure AND a q/r clip. The Small size is being made with iPhones in mind.

U-Lock holders: These will be made to fit Kryptonite Mini's, and will feature a mesh front wall for drainage. The lock will be secured with a q/r strap on top.

Bottle Pouches: These will be made to fit most standard cycling water bottles, as well as many other bottles and cans, and will feature a mesh bottom panel for drainage and velcro cross straps up top for security while riding.

Pump Holder: It will.....hold your pump! Featuring two strong velcro cinch straps.

We're still working out several kinks and doing our best to make sure that our pouch sizing is ideal to work across all of our current platforms (single-strap bags from the Civilian and up, and all existing double-strap bags). We're also working on pricing. We expect to offer all of the base bags with triple-layer construction included in the pricing, though. Hopefully we can roll out this new collection in its entirety by the end of August!

We'd love to hear your comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, etc regarding this collection! Please email!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

:: DETOUR Summer 2011 Reception ::

As some of you may already now, when R.E.Load moved back to Northern Liberties in May, we began a collaboration with the Detour artist collective. They have been curating local work in our windows, and we are set to have a reception for their summer group show this Saturday, July 9th! 6pm - 10pm; liquid refreshments will be served. Come through!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: "The Works" Alleycat in Philly this weekend!! ::

I'm super bummed that I'll be out of town for this one, but if YOU are in Philly (or need a reason to come through) this weekend, this even promises to be BIG. The peeps from Neighborhood Bike Works have been working on this event for a few months, and from what I've heard its a combination points/speed race that should guarantee fun for all. Theyve got an after party set up at Danger! Danger! Gallery, and proceeds from registration will go to help NBW program, so it's win-win really.

Race starts at 2pm at Washington Square Park (7th and Walnut).

Monday, May 02, 2011

:: Madlib Civilian ::

Madlib is hands down one of the best hip hop producers ever. I think the first time I heard him - or should I say, realized that it was his work i was hearing - was off of a white label LP I picked up about a decade ago, simply titled "Madlib Remixes". There were a bunch of remixed tracks, including the Roots' "Don't See Us" and Gangstarr's "Just to Get a Rep". One of the standouts, for me at least, was his remix of Noreaga's "Misery Needs Company". The bouncy swing of the keys, coupled with the drum tracks, was just a sound I hadnt really heard before. And when I heard his treatment of the Slum Village classic "Look of Love Part 2", I knew I was hooked.

Madlib started off with his group Lootpack, and although he's really know for his production, I've always loved his voice and odd, off-kilter flow on the mic. On the cut "Whenimondamic", he can be found rhyming with Wildchild:

Madlib is pretty much responsible for what I would figure is a lot of people's introduction and subsequent crazed following of Stones Throw Records. Known to be constantly at home making beats - usually on some pretty bare-bones setups, such as the Boss SP-303 sampler, which at the time could generally be found for around $200 - Madlib began making a steady stream of music for the fledgling label. Jaylib (a collaboration with the late great J Dilla), Madvillain (an incredibly successful collaboration with MF Doom that has lead to a sequel and remix albums), a solo effort on BBE Records titled "WLIB AM: King of the Wiglflip:, and countless production credits with all types of rappers and musicians. Madlib's discography can truly go up against the best of them.

For all of his work with some of the greatest mc's ever, I think my highest level of admiration for Madlib came when it was revealed that he had been making music as a jazz band, playing every part in the band, and releasing EP's as different personas within the band. Dubbed "Yesterday's New Quintet", he'd been generating fans without them even knowing, at least in the beginning, that everything was in fact just him playing instruments himself. His father had been a musician, and obviously it had helped mold him. As Yesterday's New Quintet, Madlib released a stack of music, including a tribute album inspired by the music of the legendary Stevie Wonder. Later on, Blue Note opened up their hallowed vaults and allowed him to sample from their library (which he turned into his album "Shades of Blue")!! Additionally, Madlib has released broken beat albums as "DJ Rels". And of course, a few albums as his helium-voiced, muppet-looking alter ego "Quasimodo".

Most recently, Madlib has been releasing a series of albums under the moniker "The Beat Konducta" (one of his long-time nicknames). These works have spanned the range of his interests from Hip Hop, to African and Indian music, to Disco, and are still continuing as we speak.

I could really go on and on about Madlib, but I'll leave it with these small tastes of his work. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Catch R.E. Load in the new Triple Rush show premiering on the Travel Channel on April 14th! Check out their Messenger Gear Guide also!

Monday, March 21, 2011

:: We're Moving ::

I think at this point, quite a few people (in Philadelphia, at least) know that we are about to move out of our Chinatown production studio and back to our Northern Liberties storefront location, although we haven't really made an "official" announcement about it up to this point. Basically though, we will be relocating on March 29th, and will be reopening on April 5th. Which means that we'll be closed from March 26th through April 5th (if you have an order to pick up, you can still come grab it after we move, and we will still be shipping orders out although there may be a day or two delay if the order comes in on the 28th or 29th).

We're incredibly excited about our return to 608 N 2nd street. First of all, we will be able to be more of a part of the cycling and arts communities here in Philadelphia. Our current studio space is amazing, and to be honest, there is more than a little sadness that comes with moving out of here. But at the same time, it's a far from ideal spot as far showcasing our staff and product goes, and it's not exactly the most accessible and inviting place in the world. Its function as primarily a "production studio" dictated an awkward schedule that included a small chunk of saturday hours "by appointment only". And there's not much else around as far as shops and places of interest. The Northern Liberties store, in contrast, can be open all day on saturdays, and is surrounded by a number of cool shops and restaurants. We've had a good amount of time to plan out how the store will be set up, and we're happy to be able to arrange things so that when people walk in, they'll not only be presented with new displays and a ton of bags, but they'll also be able to see these bags being made right in front of them.

The best part about returning to 608 is that we will be able to host parties and openings again! Starting with our grand re-opening party on saturday, April 9th, we plan to hold events in the space every month or two. We'll have local artists' work in the space, we'll have bag shows featuring artists from around the world, and we'll have product launches and parties. Additionally, we're working with some of the artists from the Compound Warehaus, who will have full reign over one of our window displays, keeping things looking awesome all around.

So overall, there's a lot about to happen over here, and we're really happy to be at the starting point of yet another new venture! One side note; we can say we're 99% certain that there will not be an April/Maypril Fool's fun ride this year...we just have too much going on during that time period. We do plan to have some different events that should help make up for this, though, and I believe Neighborhood Bike Works is planning and event in April, so hopefully we can help to swing a lot of people in their direction.

Looking forward to welcoming everybody to the new shop in April!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spokes & Arrows

We here at RE Load are just excited that cycling is becoming more and more popular, and a shop such as Spokes & Arrows is an integral part of pushing cycling to the forefront of human transportation. This shop, hailing from Melbourne, Australia is dedicated to offering the finest cycling apparel for men and women from the world over, including, yours truly, RE Load Bags.