Thursday, August 04, 2011

:: MOLLE Lineup Coming Soon ::

We're working on a new line of bags utilizing MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system webbing! MOLLE is basically a standardized grid of webbing, with repetitive divisions stitched horizontally and vertically, that allows compatible attachments to be securely woven into the grid without the need for zippers or sewing. It is capable of making a bag entirely modular; you can put attachments wherever there is MOLLE webbing, as long as there are enough "loops" to handle the size of the particular attachment. So, if you've ever wanted, say, a u-lock holder in a certain place on your bag, or a water bottle pouch, or maybe just a big exterior pocket, whatever...your bag setup is now entirely up to you! These specialized attachments can be added or removed within minutes, and reused as you see fit.

We're very excited about this new lineup, because it will allow us to easily introduce new attachments down the line. The bag itself is a blank slate, and since it uses a standardized system, all we have to do is make sure all of our subsequent attachments use this same system.

Currently, we have plans for the following attachments:

Small, Medium, and Large Pouches:These will all be waterproof and feature flaps with both velcro closure AND a q/r clip. The Small size is being made with iPhones in mind.

U-Lock holders: These will be made to fit Kryptonite Mini's, and will feature a mesh front wall for drainage. The lock will be secured with a q/r strap on top.

Bottle Pouches: These will be made to fit most standard cycling water bottles, as well as many other bottles and cans, and will feature a mesh bottom panel for drainage and velcro cross straps up top for security while riding.

Pump Holder: It will.....hold your pump! Featuring two strong velcro cinch straps.

We're still working out several kinks and doing our best to make sure that our pouch sizing is ideal to work across all of our current platforms (single-strap bags from the Civilian and up, and all existing double-strap bags). We're also working on pricing. We expect to offer all of the base bags with triple-layer construction included in the pricing, though. Hopefully we can roll out this new collection in its entirety by the end of August!

We'd love to hear your comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, etc regarding this collection! Please email!


awallis said...

riddle me this! most molle accessories i have seen essentially have more molle on the back, with strap with snaps at the end so the strap is woven between the bag and the accessory's respective molle webbings, and the end of the strap snapped at the bottom of said accessory. will your accessories attach be secured in this manner?

PS please post customers photos! i know chicago wig made a zombie apocalypse backpack with molle, lord knows i and alot of other people would love to see(and have dreamed of) a flightpack loaded out with a tomahawk, a shotgun sheath, a bayonet sheath, etc.

keep up the great wirk!