Friday, November 19, 2010

:: House Party Cat 3D ::

This weekend it's time for House Party Cat 3D!!!! If you're not already in Philly for tonight's goldsprints, you'll want to be here tomorrow for the race for sure. All of the stops are parties; what more can you ask for? After two successful years, the third year's gonna be ridiculous and we can wait to see the carnage.

We're also sponsoring the race for the third straight year. Aside from custom Lockdown straps for the Keg King and Keg Queen, Brie stitched up this Civilian, which includes our new 215 strap. Based on the artwork from the race promotion, she took things a step further in the blue/red 3D theme and customized the stitching on the bag to represent in 3D! If you win this bag, you've earned it. Maybe not by actually riding fast, but by being awesome.

We'll see you all out there this weekend, and a big shout out to Jeff O'Neill for throwing this thing together again.