Monday, June 19, 2006

Name Our New Bags!

If you actually keep track of our website, you probably know that we've been working on a couple of new models for a minute now. One is a downsized version of our backpack and midpack. We wanted a two-strap model that was big enough just for some essentials and hit at a price point of about $160 (our Backpack is humongous and is $250, while the Midpack still seemed a little big for some, and is marked at $200). We all brainstormed, and when the dust settled, Gerik had a design that won out. This is it:

It's basically the mutant offspring of a Midpack and a DJ Mini. Gerik made a few prototypes before we settle on the final version. The other model we're introducing is a bit of a specialized Small Civilian...we gave it an outside pocket and bellows-style side pockets (perfect for water bottles). We also switched the strap to a mini-style strap, which is softer and easier to adjust for the layperson. The final design was done by Chika in Seattle. Pictures to come soon...

Anyway, so we tentatively named them the "Minipack" and the "Carryall". VERY tentatively. Then I put the onus on the crews here and in Seattle to try to think of better names....that was a few months ago. So here's the deal: We need some help, guys! This is officially a bag-naming contest. Please email with any name suggestions. If your name is chosen, guess what? We'll send you a free version of the model that you named!


manitoujoe said...

How about:


Love your bags. Hope one of these sticks. Thanks!

john said...

playing off of the DJ/pack crossover


I'm in love with my new civilian. Good luck!