Friday, July 13, 2007

Fly Eagles, Fly....

Ok, so this has nothing really to do with the Philadelphia Eagles, but by law, as a 12-year resident of the city, I am required to reference them as much as possible. Anyway....this bag was made by Gerik Forston a few weeks ago. It's getting pretty hard to be modest about some of our stuff, but since I didn't make this one anyway, I'm gonna toot the R.E.Load horn a little bit.

This bag is absolutely disgusting. As in, "it's disgusting how amazing Gerik has gotten in the past few years". And "it's disgusting how many different techniques are now being used by the various people here who are making things with custom applique". I mean, LOOK at this thing. THIS IS ALL DONE BY HAND!!!! I've been making this stuff going on ten years now, and I'M like "what the hell ?!?"