Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Bearded Bastard said...

Hey wanted to see how your friend was doing in Seattle I think. Is he doing alright with his recovery from his health problems? You guys should update on the REload site...I'm sure more than just I want to know how he's doin.


Chika said...

Thanks for posting my bag, Roland!
In response to Steven's inquiry - Evan is doing relatively well. Lots of difficulties with paperwork and insurance. No one wants to insure someone who needs a million dollar operation, and you can't get on an organ recipient waiting list and work with a hospital unless you have a way to pay. But I think most of that has been sorted out with medicaid and now he's on the recipient waiting list and has decided to receive treatment in Washington. So, given the circumstances - he's doing allright. Thank you for asking, and you're right, I'll post a more concrete update soon.