Tuesday, September 02, 2008

:: Win Our Newest Bag Model !! ::

We're hosting a contest to name the newest model in the R.E.Load family! In response to the most frequently-asked questions we've faced over the past few years: "Can you make my bag with one of those straps with the buckle on 'em like (fill in other messenger bag company)?" and "I love your bags but they're heavy!", we are proud to introduce this sparkling new model.

Featuring pack cloth liners, a streamlined pocket construction, and a new split-strap design, this bag is the lightest thing to come out of R.E.Load since....well, really, since anything other than small accessories. The thing is crazy light. And while it might not necessarily be the end-all for all users*, it is an AWESOME bag for those who don't necessarily need to ride through rain, sleet, and snow and carry copy boxes while they do it. If you like organizational simplicity and tend to duck for cover when the sky turns black, this bag is for you.

Aside from this type of end user, there is a second demographic that this bag is designed for: people who already have a heavy-duty messenger bag that they use for work, commuting, etc., and just want a second, smaller bag for weekend outings, going to the store, whatever. Personally, this is where i think this bag shines. Just because you need a full-on Deluxe to messenger five days a week doesn't necessarily mean you want to be carrying that same Deluxe when you go to meet some friends at a barbeque.

In any case, this is what we've got planed for our new model, and furthermore, we're putting it out in two sizes: a large version that comes in a little bit under the dimensions of the current Civilian, and a small version that's roughly equivalent to the current Small Civilian, but with slight changes to the porportions.

What does this all mean to you? Well, although we have a few names in mind, we realize that we're still not in agreement of a really good name. Maybe you guys and girls out there can come up with something better! So, we're holding a contest - effective immediately - to see who can come up with some names for these brand new models.


- Email all entries to namethatbag@reloadbags.com. You can submit as many names as you want, and this can be done in one email. Don't forget that there are small and large versions! If you are submitting them for one or both, make it clear which version(s) you are submitting for. Be sure to include your full name, daytime phone #, and shipping address (This is strictly for prize distribution purposes and will not be used for any type of spam/mailing lists, we swear!). if you are the type to enjoy seeing your picture on websites, go ahead and attach a pic! If you win, we will run a pic along with your name!
- The contest is running up until 10am EST on Monday, September 8th. All submissions must be received by that time to be considered for contest entry.
- We will be announcing the winner(s) on our website, etc. by Friday, September 12th. If you are a winner, we will be contacting you directly to let you know.
- If your bag name is chosen as a winner, we will send you a version of the bag (color scheme is up to our own discretion, sorry) that you named absolutely free of charge! This applies to international as well as domestic contestants, so lets make this worldwide, shall we?
- R.E.Load employees and their family members are unfortunately exempt from this contest. You can make your own bags, guys......

ok people, lets do this!

*there IS a reason our other models are heavy; in using pack cloth as opposed to vinyl-coated nylon you are getting a "water resistant" bag, NOT a "weatherproof" bag. Water resistant is defined as: "(of a fabric or garment) having a finish that resists the absorption of water." Let me tell you right now: if you get caught in a rainstorm using these new bags, your cargo will get damp. Basically, the water resistance of these - while significantly superior - is closest to that of most "mainstream" knapsacks (think Jansport, EastPak, etc.


dan said...

here's hoping!

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sept 12th eh?