Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bags of the Living Dead

A brand new series by Gerik Forston! In the words of the artist:

"There's really no more socially acceptable way of presenting blood, guts and gore than through zombies. Whether they are half-rotten corpses risen from the grave or are living but infected by a cannibalism-inducing virus dooming humanity to eat itself, zombies just can't seem to get gross enough. Year after year, new and more terrifyingly disgusting depictions off the walking undead come to theaters and we (generally) love it. Each new portrayal attempts to outdo the last, both in sheer gore and in interesting new ways and rules that zombies can come into existence. One has to wonder at what point this progression comes to a head at the ultimate movie simply showing frame after frame of exploding corpse heads."

"I've also always been drawn to the surreal idea of the Dead "living" ordinary existences (this is direction the grey and celery designs have gone). What if they really do take over the Earth? What then? I always assumed they'd just pick up where they left off before they died. But as much as I enjoy the visceral nature of these depictions of zombies, I always come back to wanting to see blood and guts (specifically being pulled fresh from the torso of an unidentified corpse, ha). In my personal zombie apocalypse I don't see any reason why there can't be both. I mean, even while they continue to go to work and school, hang out with friends, bond with the family, dance and play games, they've still got to eat!"

So far the series is four bags deep, and Gerik has plans for a few more in the time leading up to halloween. you can find them in the collections section of our website.


Marvin said...

you should totally combine the civilized and nasty eating part with a zombie family dinner or something

Al said...

I gotta say. The operation bag resembles g.w. bush getting his intestines pulled out. Nice!

Colin Purrington said...

Love the guts one. Your "Build your own" link is broken, by the way.