Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New Waxed Canvas Colors and the New 2012 Flight Pack!

We've been big fans of waxed canvas as our alternative outer material for quite some time. However, waxed canvas - at least, U.S. made waxed canvas - has always been a bit problematic to stock in our usual plentiful color palettes, due to price and availability. Well, we're happy to announce that we've managed to grab a few extra colors in some small quantities from our local supplier! We will now be stocking black and brown as available colors for our Build Your Own Bag section, with gray, tan, olive, and navy blue making appearances on select bags in the Waxed Canvas Collection as supplies last.

As a tie-in to the new waxed canvas options, we're going to be revealing our redesigned 2012 Flight Packs! We heard a lot of clamoring for bigger front pockets, so we've made the switch to a bellows-style pocket (similar to those found on our other bag models). While the main compartment of the Flight Pack continues to feature our amazing, soft, and light weight waterproof fabric lining, the main outside pocket is made of our standard vinyl liner material for added structure. Similar to the Megapack pocket, we've added quick release buckles so that the pocket flap can be clipped down securely (which is important, as the rolltop design of the bag means there's no main flap to cover the pocket itself).

The shoulder straps have also been revised (and actually, this goes for ALL of our double strap models). Slightly thicker padding, with a slightly narrower overall profile. Swiveling hardware at the strap ends means that no matter what the load, or how you prefer to adjust the straps, they will always be at the ideal anatomical angle for comfort. The straps of course still feature adjustable sternum straps, webbing for attaching cellphone holders and other accessories, and D rings for carabiners or whatever.

Finally, we've adjusted the sizing on the Flight Packs to correspond a little better with the other models in our bag lineups. The "Small" size remains the same at 1110 cu. in., pretty much in line with our Small Civilian. And there is a new "Medium" model, which comes in at 1326 cu. in. with the flap rolled up. Packed up nicely, it has roughly the same volume as our Civilian single strap model.

We're really looking forward to the full release of this new lineup, a wonderful mix of awesome materials and design improvements that are making R.E.Load bags better than ever! You can now build up a Flight Pack in much the same way as our single strap bags; starting from a base model with no pockets. Add inside and/or outside pockets, choose your materials and colors - even for the shoulder straps - and any additional features you'd like. Check out the website for these new models throughout the next 24 hours!