Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pre-register for the NACCC's Please!!!

IN case you've been living in a cave, the North American Cycle Messenger Championships are going to be taking place right here in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend!!! Um...that's September 1-4. Anyway, this is the 9th annual iteration of the largest messenger event in North America! We have a whole slew of events planned, big sponsors, huge parties, and lots of places to stay. Racers will be coming in from Europe and Japan as well as all points on this continent, so you definitely don't wanna miss it! We also have a very large police/street closing bill to pay for all of the street closures we'll need to run this thing, so NOW is the time to register!! It's only $40 to register from now until August 1st. After that, it'll get bumped up to $50. That includes all the parties, free beer from Pabst (one of our main sponsors), art shows, yadda yadda. There's also a huge neighborhood festival going on during the same days a few blocks away. It's gonna be utter madness!

You can go and register now via Paypal at the Philly BMA website. This is also a great event just to watch and be a part of! If you would like to donate anything - anything at all; money, food, beer, your time as a volunteer, whatever - please don't hesitate to email either me or Daily....

Hope to see you there!! Did I mention the bill is REALLY LARGE? So you're gonna go register now, right...? OK, cool.