Monday, July 17, 2006

Tour De LeMond

John from the Demon Cats is pictured above (i'd put a pic of Kevin too, but he's always the one behind the camera!). Anyway, the Demon Cats are throwing possibly the illest event of the summer in D.C., on Saturday July 22nd. I would write all the info here, but wouldn't it be much, much easier for you to just click on this link? Yep, thought so. By the way, team R.E.Load is gonna take this one, but you can still have a chance at winning a super-custom Deluxe R.E.Load bag by entering the raffle. So you won't feel so bad about our Philly cats riding circles around you. AND, the race benefits the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund!! Go down, race or watch, party, and register with Stewy for the NACCC's - all in the same weekend!