Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tour De LeMond: The Prize Bag

So I'd told John of the Demoncats that i'd deliver a prize bag for their raffle giveaway for the Tour de Lemond. And i had all of these ideas swirling around my head: a bunch of little tour jerseys (you know, the world champ, sprinter, climber, etc.) spelling out the name of the event, a crazy abstract line drawing (similar top what chika did for the pedal:reloaded show), and some other stuff. I'm really best under pressure, so of course i didn't even get started on this thing until thursday. On thursday, I had a bunch oif computer work to do, and some packages to deliver, so thursday night i finally started to seriously set up the graphics. My parents wound up stopping through philly on a day trip, and i made plans to grab some dinner with them. Then Stewy calls...and i realize that my team riders are leaving for D.C. on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning!! So the "friday all-nighter" plan was put to rest.

Friday morning i woke up at 6am and went to work, finishing up at about 6pm (including an hour for lunch). This is what i came up with. I know I say this a lot, but i think it's one of the better custom works to come out of this studio. That's the best part, to me, about making bags: I'm always getting better, even after almost 9 years. The bags themselves can get a little stale, but the custom work never does. If you look at this bag live, and step back more than a foot, it really looks like a silkscreen...and, for once, i think i matched the font pretty well with the overall theme (Lemond back in the day). Note the "Z" team logos on the jersey and shorts too!!


fluffy said...

Hey Ro - I've been an admirer of your work from afar (Australia) for a while now. I had to come out of silence to say that your applique work is unbelievably good! I do custom bags for Crumpler and just between you and me, you are setting an impossible benchmark. Don't tell my bosses!