Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Soft Helmets From Japan!!

We just hooked up with an old artisan in Tokyo who's down to make these soft helmets for us on a permanent basis! I've often thought about making these myself over the years, but every time i'd get set to start, something else would pop up that made the project unreasonable at the time. Really, it's just as well, because I doubt my stuff would have been anywhere near as slick as these things...

I have no idea how he gets the seams so tight on this thick foam. The material is thick synthetic "pleather-y" stuff, and he takes full advantage of the fact that it won't fray by leaving the seams outside. Most old-school soft helmets have doubled-over seams running down the middle of each foam column. These have seams on the sides, placed strategically to keep all surfaces smooth where they touch your head. Genius small touch.

There's a reflective patch on the back for the safety set.

If that don't beat all, Seiya's daughter Aika (yes, the Aika bag namesake) did up custom patches for the inside!!! Love from Japan. Now tell me you don't feel like throwing one of these on for a nice summer ride. We're working on ordering these things in a TON of colors (including custom orders!), so check out the website in the clothing section for what we have now and what we might have later.