Saturday, September 09, 2006

Samson Keirin Frame

Yahoo sucks. I keep getting sent in circles trying to log into my flickr account and then merge it with the yahoo account (apparently they're trying to make it an all-in-one thing, but it doesn't let me get anywhere; i've literally been trying to log in for about 20 minutes).

anyway, here's a new, but used, Samson Keirin frame we just got in from Japan. It's 51 cm c-t seat tube, with a 53 cm c-c top tube. It's got the usual nicks and scrapes from being used by a professional keirin racer. Most notably around the right side of the bb shell, which is where the starter stands clamp on. Structurally it's a-ok; these are just cosmetic things. Check out the photos, go to the R.E.Load website for more ordering info....


james said...

Its a beautiful frame!
I'm seeking to obtain one, I just don't know where!
Do you know the contact of the manufacturer?